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2004-MN4 = Apophis = Electric Love: a/k/a The Rock Aimed To Blow Us Away…

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Jimi Hendrix sang, wrote, and spoke about his remote view of Rock. Government sponsored scientific studies prove that the ability to remote view is an inborn trait in some people. Jimi named what he saw Electric Love - the asteroid aimed to impact our planet. At 10 pm (London Time) on Friday the 13th in April of the year 2029 Common Era (Year 86 Uncommon Era) asteroid 2004 MN4 will arrive.

In July "2005" NASA re-named asteroid 2004 MN4 as the "Apophis" (the Greek word for "Evil Destruction"). NASA'a official number for Apophis is "999-42" - which is 666-6 ("4+2"=6) - sign of the devil - upside down and backwards.

Disinformation and deception surround media reports about Apophis -
especially estimates of the Rock's size and trajectory path.

Official scientific research from the U.S. government confirms that some people can "remote view" (e.s.p. - extra sensory perception). Our theory is that e.s.p. is a brain mutation in our species, but it's an ability evolved by all living planets as a defense against asteroid impacts, the colliding "predators" of planets. To alert us to the movements of space rocks aimed at the planet, evolution intends our perceptions to expand towards capacity to "sense" our solar environment. Rocks on paths that disturb the gravity fields of planets trigger "signals" through space. These gravity disturbances register in our brains as thoughts, dreams, melodies, equations, apparitions, premonitions, etc. We are all today becoming aware of how thought and perception itself is dedicated and destined to ultimately shield the planet from impacts. The course of biological evolution is specifically aimed to enable this symbiotic planetary "self-defense" capability in species such as humans.

Jimi Hendrix is the key figure and example for this theory. Hendrix was obsessed with visions of asteroid impact, his life symbolizes the surfacing of this e.s.p. trait, "Rock", into modern consciousness. The first "Rock/Star" = "Asteroid/Comet" - the surfacing of impact awareness through his loud sounds of explosions and explicit verbal warnings about the Rock. All living planets eventually incarnate a version of Jimi - an unprecedented integration of systems and vision, the ultimate insights that intelligent species are evolved towards.

Our insights and theory are based on scientific research and explained in the book Rock Prophecy (Rock = Asteroid).

We're completing a film that presents the evidence.

Asteroid disaster on Earth results from inequality between people. Dominators demand that "merit" and luck deserve privilege and ease. The unlucky among us are left to sink. An "elite" cabal of merit terrorists purchase "laws" to "legalize" lopsided obscene schemes to keep most humans destitute. Hope for Earth died along with a tossed out garbage heap of geniuses. Insights that would've saved us perished with the impoverished. Now the Rock finds us exposed, having wasted centuries of resources on pampering the "rich." Our progress was impeded, retarded, set back for the fun of a few. Today the savior returns to crucify the brutes. Lucifer's Hammer gladly smashes with asteroids an unprepared and "intractable" status quo. "Forgiveness" means "for giving back" the unfairness…the Fair(child)ness

"I'm like Noah, and the flood is coming, and everyone is stoning me…"

- Michael Fairchild - Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY - May 5, "1994"

"Retarded History" describes human set-backs in the advance towards defense against asteroids. Retarded History confronts an instinct, familiar to students of religion, for equality between people, a call that has been silenced by a ruling class of dominators. A handful of anti-equality moguls control the media to mold opinions for a herd of workers, all trained to follow the money and agree that "merit" and/or "luck" deserves privilege. Inequality between people, and censorship by media, create our nightmare scenario: future Rocks fall upon us because the physics we need to stop them become known only to the starved outcasts of an untouchable third world.

"We talk about Star Wars [missile defense] as if all we have to do is decide to go and we do, but the physics haven't been invented yet to do Star Wars."
- Senator John Glenn (first astronaut to orbit Earth)

It is the Way of Creation to reveal breakthrough equations into the minds of those most "unlucky" among us. Beneath the heel of affluent overlords, the advanced mathematics of so many capable brains is silenced into impoverished submission.

"They’re losing themselves in big ego scenes and being above another man in some kind of form…They base everything on the status thing, that’s why there are people starving, because humans haven’t got their priorities right." - Jimi

Dominators impose upon us this inability to see what's needed to stop the Rock. This is the Way asteroids are imported. Rock Prophecy is a book of import, the most important story. That we choose to tolerate and accept unfair disparity between people is what keeps the mysteries of physics hidden.

Retarded History is brought down on us, as a "rock star" (rock = asteroid / star = comet/gamma blast), our flaming snake in the sky, a fate that Jimi named Electric Love…

Journal of Electric Love (the Apophis) - Asteroid MN4 ("MN" means Mountain)

"Electric Love penetrates the sky…the Mountain falls in the sea…the Sun refuses to shine…" - Jimi Hendrix

"Hail and fire mixed with blood were thrown down on the Earth. A third of the Earth, and a third of the trees, and a third of all green plants were burned…something like a great fiery mountain was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed…a great star fell from heaven. It was burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on a third of the springs of water. The name of the star was Bitter, and a third of the water turned bitter. Many people died because the water was so bitter…a third of the Sun, a third of the Moon, and a third of the stars were struck. They each lost a third of their light. So during a third of the day there was no light, and a third of the night was also without light. Then I looked and saw a lone angel flying across the sky. It was shouting, 'Trouble, trouble, trouble to everyone who lives on Earth!'…I saw a star fall from the sky to Earth. It was given the key to the tunnel that leads down to the deep pit. As it opened the tunnel, smoke poured out like the smoke of a great furnace. The Sun and the air turned dark because of the smoke."
– Revelation 8 - 9

Jimi: "I'm not going to say it until a wider range of people see it. It's a universal thought; it's not a black or white thing, or a green and gold thing…There are a few chosen people that are here to help to get these people out of this certain sleepiness that they're in…All they're doing is making themselves weaker and weaker until their negatives [asteroids] come and just take them away, and that's what's gonna happen, then you're going to have no world to live on. The establishment's going to crumble away…The solar system is going through a change soon and it's going to affect the Earth itself. This room is just a crumb from the crust of the pie, and like there's no moving from any one land to another to save yourself in that respect…There's a physical change coming soon, it's neither bad or good - it's just true. The world's gonna go like topsy-turvy soon, because humans forget that they're part of earth-matter too, and so they have bad vibrations floatin' around now, so there's gonna be a big physical change…since the people are part of Earth, they're going to feel it too. In many ways they're a lot of the reason for causing it…The axis of the Earth turns around and changes the face of the world and completely different civilizations come about, or another age comes about. In other words, it changes the face of the Earth and it only takes about a quarter of a day…The axis of the Earth, if it changes, it changes the whole face of the Earth, like every few thousand years, so that new civilizations come every time it changes…The solar system is going through a change soon and it's going to affect the Earth in about thirty years. So I think a person should try to get his own thing, he should get a certain faith with one link. There's no whole lot of religions, just one link, because there's only a few chosen people that supposedly are to get this across."

...the story of the asteroid belt in our solar system is explained... - Jimi

Since the book Rock Prophecy was published in "1999", a previously unheard interview with Jimi Hendrix was found. Jimi's comments were spoken into a tape recorder on December 12, 1969. Drummer Buddy Miles was present when Hendrix spoke about the Rock Prophecy:

Jimi: "Someday we're going to go to the Moon and find a hole big [crater] cavern carved out…That's part of man's ego [dominators], to be busted [impacted], don't you understand?…All they had to do is follow the vibes, just be groovy and go on and do their thing – build this [anti-asteroid defense], you know – but NOOOooo, they want to monkey around here, and monkey around there. There was a planet - how many planets are in the solar system? Nine. Now, there used to be ten, but then there's a whole asteroid belt that's messed up now - right? If you put [the rocks] together, it might be the size approximately of Earth. So you can imagine some people over there [on the smashed planet] messin' with even their own home, like we are doing now – mess up the air, digging this out here, hacking that up, living on the side of volcanoes and so forth. I believe there was a whole planet there, people that was so lost that they even put rockets on the side of their planet – 'Let's change orbits! Let me get warm!' – and blew the whole thing, because it wasn't happening for them."


Dominator-enforced inequality between people, and a resulting silencing of the seers throughout centuries, created today's state of Retarded History - humanity's advance set back, defenseless against the Rock. However, within a system of all people as equals, Jimi envisioned a means to seek out the seers who'll show us what we need, a method to identify visionaries of strategy and the mysteries of physics:

Jimi: "I think kids, starting from kindergarten should, every two years, have a big annual test. It should be like every two years and they should have a test, say, about twenty pieces of paper, and doing exactly what they want to do on that paper, saying what they want to say. And they should have…instructors to this certain thing that happens every two years. And then a kid could go to…college, or a special school, by the time he's eleven. They should have them all over the place…for the benefit of even the teachers…

"You've got kids comin' up, and you don't want them to go to school [college] until they're 18, and they mold away…Every two years kids should have certain annual tests. They should have twenty pieces of paper to fill out in any way they want to. Every two years from the time the kid is four. By the time the kid is eleven, if he's a genius he'll have a chance to stretch out. Put him in special schools…There's a whole lot of other things…"

Had mankind millennia ago adherred to this common sense advice, and enacted it within a society organized for equality between us all, we would've stood a chance to advance an asteroid defense. Instead we today have no way of surviving the imminent impact of Lucifer's Hammer. Dominators brain-train the hypnotized herd to agree that some sheeple deserve more than the rest. Under this delusionally crazed state, for ages and ages, the most able seers have starved among garbage, discarded victims of an insane and cruel inequality, a state that the masses have been too passive to stand up against and resist.

"So to you, must put an end…" - Jimi

There isn't time left to invent a defense, too little time before the Rock arrives. Rock Prophecy explains how dominators have retarded history and murdered the Earth.

Judgement has been cast - sentence has been passed.

"We are PAST - the 'Human Race.'" - Jimi


February 17, 2003:

Space Daily reports: "Asteroid Cover-Up Proposal Causes Near Earth Orbit (NEO) Community A Credibility Crisis - Do people have a right to know their fate should an asteroid or comet be detected on an impact trajectory with Earth? Dr. Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at Liverpool John Moores University, UK, writes, 'Just when you thought we had learned our lessons from past communication debacles and PR fiascoes, bizarre statements at the Denver American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting have plunged the NEO community into another crisis of credibility. 'Don't tell Public of Doomsday Asteroid,' reads the headline in The Times, while The Independent warns: 'Armageddon Asteroids best kept secret'…The international media coverage is dominated by statements from Geoffrey Sommer, a RAND researcher who has been studying the social and economic implications of the impact AAAS press release triggered most of the international cover-up reports. According to the press release, Geoffrey 'takes the controversial stance of advocating silence and secrecy in the event that a warning would come too late and not make a difference to the outcome'…how would we assess, and who would decide, whether or not an impact warning is 'too late'? Geoffrey qualifies his strategy…'there is no point in issuing a warning at all. If an extinction-type impact is inevitable, then ignorance for the populous is bliss'…for the sake of argument - let us say such an object would have been discovered...after discovery, we would not know for quite some time (perhaps weeks, months or years) whether or not the object would actually hit the Earth. In fact, the impact probability might go up to 50% before plunging to 0%."

The EMPeror has the whole cabal bought off and under contract...

[NOTE: Scientists are paid to cook the books and creatively re-calculate the trajectories of any Rock that astronomers say is headed towards Earth. But Geoffrey's statement about "impact probability" reveals the truth: the path of asteroids and comets are NOT FIXED, the trajectories change randomly in space as a result of impacts with other rocks and gravitational pull from other objects. A Rock that these people tell us is harmless one day can be re-directed right into Earth the next day.]

Peiser continues, "Even with little time left for mitigation, many activities could be undertaken by the world community to attempt human survival after a global disaster...the advocated secrecy, far from being 'cost-effective' as Geoffrey Sommer oddly claims, would most certainly preclude any such survival attempt. What really lies behind this thinking? It would appear that Geoff Sommer is not so much concerned about the cost-effective handling of the apocalypse…'there is an opportunity to spin the problem to avoid global panic.' That's what this whole business is all about…'If an asteroid or comet is found to be bearing down on Earth, what would you tell the populace to avoid widespread panic? Geoff Sommer wonders if authorities should say anything at all. Some elements of society would thrive off such knowledge, he said, including British tabloids, cultists long announcing the end of the world…But limiting panic and avoiding the premature financial collapse of the stock markets would be additional benefits to secrecy.

"Peiser asks, 'Is any attempted secrecy totally futile in the first place? Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO in any case.'"

[NOTE: The above statement is misleading, the claim that "Astronomers from around the world can easily access and confirm observational data and calculations of any discovered NEO." Such calculations remain subject to interpretation and are manipulated. The "final word" rests with the chief witch doctors at the Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts. Many scientists have tried to warn us, and government officials repeatedly declare errors in their data. A record of the deception is listed on this website. The community of astronomers that make these calculations is transparently small. To suggest that these people cannot be influenced, as a group, is a naive assumption. The EMPeror has the whole cabal bought off and under contract, those who resist "git" Gitmo...]

"The damage, however, of contemplating a cover-up stratagem will be immense: it will strengthen the…widespread suspicion that some members of the NEO community are more concerned about covering-up or 'spinning' than explaining the facts truthfully. The price we will pay for the increased mistrust this episode is causing is very high. In fact, it is much higher than any of the inadvertent asteroid scares of the last 4 years. I fear it will also be more difficult to repair the damage it has done to our integrity."

- Dr. Benny Peiser, 2/17/03

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