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March 29, 2005:

The PBS TV series NOVA had already scheduled a documentary about the December 2004 tsunami for March 29, 2005, a date which, coincidentally, turned out to be the day after the March 28th earthquake that's related to the December 2004 tsunami. The NOVA episode, called The Wave That Shook the World, is sponsored by Microsoft, so the show's intention is to train us to think no meteor caused the Christmas tsunami in the Indian Ocean. It is critical for dominators to deny Jimi's prediction, mogul controlled media is designed specifically for such propaganda.

The Wave That Shook the World tells us that the Indian Ocean impact crater gouged out in December 2004 is known as the "Sundra Trench." Below is the show's twisted description of the meteor impact (minus the concealed meteor):

NOVA: "Why did it happen? One of the worst natural disasters ever…a huge earthquake tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…Under the ocean…a process called subduction has been doing this for 40 million years. On December [25 - U.S. time] something snapped…the force that actually tore into the earth's crust is 1200 km long…its more powerful than all of the world's earthquakes over the last five years put together…it took place very near the surface of the seabed. It's only about 30 km deep, very shallow…as the seafloor lifted it displaced billions of tons of water above it…this released as much energy as 23,000 Hiroshima-size atom bombs. Part of the ocean floor has been uplifted, and part has been trapped down…because the seafloor changes, so does the water column above. The seafloor…lifted area basically collapses and the water rushes away from the uplifted area, creating a tsunami wave that is traveling radially away from the uplifted area…It is estimated that tsunamis cause some degree of risk to one quarter of the world's population…but earthquakes are not the only cause of these killer waves…[some] causes of tsunamis, which can cause displacement of the sea floor, are asteroids, which are thought to cause very massive tsunamis."

And presto! Abracadabra! Shazam! Cartoon computer graphics from the Wizard of Microsoft turns an impact crater into an earthquake trench! Right before our eyes, gramps and the kids see it all for themselves, now they know what rilly happened. Microsoft even paid PBS to explain it all to us! This PBS deception is designed to deny the Hendrix asteroid prophecy.

Jimi's prediction came to fruition on Christmas "2004"
at the same time that his "Electric Love" asteroid was found heading for Earth,
due to impact on Friday the 13th in April 2029.

The tsunami meteor, and the path of Apophis, are both Hendrix events violently denied by dominators. The elite need sheeple to build escape vehicles and safe havens for billionaires. This is where mogul media kicks in, to spin the herd into hypnotized complacency, persuade us we're safe, no nasty asteroids in sight, and if any show up, our space agency can handle it. This disinformation deception is what Microsoft's NOVA episode quoted above is designed to lie about.

And one last thing about this March 29, 2005 PBS show. Notice how the NOVA documentary was produced within three months of the December tsunami that the show is about? The point is that it only takes a couple months to produce a documentary on any subject. Here's why that point is important:

A sustained media frenzy for asteroid stories begins in October 1995. Five months earlier Rock Prophecy was copyrighted and first seen at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC by Paul Allen's officials. In June of '95 Mr. Allen's advisors saw Jimi's prediction in Rock Prophecy and Microsoft's media empire began producing asteroid stories in response to it. Paul Allen first learned of the Hendrix asteroid prediction from Rock Prophecy in June while his legal team was suing the Hendrix production company to stop me from becoming the next director of Jimi's company. It took his contacts at PBS (Paul Allen has a long history of collaborations with PBS) just four months to produce a NOVA episode about asteroids, just like, following the December 2004 tsunami, it took only three months for NOVA to produce a show about it.

An historic wave of hundreds of media reports about asteroids followed NOVA's asteroid episode. Repeatedly, the programs in this flood of asteroid news that Mr. Allen's media empire advanced, all of them claim that this wave of interest in space rocks results, not from Jimi's prediction seen in June 1995, but from a comet that hit Jupiter in July 1994. That claim is key to Mr. Allen's plan to keep Jimi's prediction out of media. But we see it's a lie because of when the media frenzy for asteroids began - in October 1995. If the comet collision on Jupiter, in July 1994, caused the media frenzy for asteroids, we would've seen documentaries, movies and reports about it in autumn '94. But we didn't. The Jupiter comet did not cause the flood of asteroid reports that started SIXTEEN MONTHS LATER in October 1995. That asteroid news deluge in media was caused by Paul Allen's media machine after he saw Rock Prophecy in spring 1995. And like the tsumani in 2004, a documentary about asteroids aired on TV just a few months later. Paul Allen's media alerted producers and publishers in spring 1995 to follow his lead and start pumping out asteroid news.

Jimi's prediction in Rock Prophecy is what compelled media to overexpose the asteroid story worldwide. But when Paul Allen's advisors saw the story they aimed to keep it out of media while promoting their own "asteroid craze" that says the Jupiter comet caused this surge of interest, Jimi's prediction has nothing to do with it.

Moguls can't afford to have Rock Prophecy credited, acknowledged, or even seen by mass media, because the story reports how their criminally hoarded wealth creates Retarded History that has set back asteroid defense for centuries - leaving us today with no means of deflecting the coming impact, a future disaster that their media is ordered to say won't happen. Keeping people ignorant is the way they buy time to build their private bunkers, stockpiled with food and fuel stolen from us all.

That 1994 comet didn't trigger the ongoing media fixation with space rocks, it doesn't take 16 months to make a documentary about asteroids, just like it doesn't take 16 months to produce a documentary about a tsunami, it takes just weeks to complete a program after an incident occurs. The flood of reports about rocks was NOT instigated by Jupiter in 1994, the flood was caused by Rock Prophecy in 1995. When Microsoft officials saw Jimi's prediction, plans were drawn up to instigate a media blitz about asteroids starting with the October 1995 NOVA show Doomsday Asteroid, that was their plan, to redefine the issue through that NOVA show and conceal the Hendrix connection.

All of the ensuing stories about space rocks over the next decades
were caused by Rock Prophecy being seen in June 1995.

July 22, 2005:

NASA officially re-names the asteroid that Jimi Hendrix foresaw impacting the Earth. Jimi named the asteroid Electric Love, it was discovered in June 2004 and named asteroid 2004 MN4. On July 22, 2005 NASA renames this Rock Apophis - the Greek word for Evil Destruction.

Speaking for NASA, Professor Dave Tholen at the University of Hawaii explains, "We selected the Greek name for an Egyptian god. Apophis is the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep, the god of evil and destruction."

October 31, 2005:

An article in England's Register newspaper reports, "NASA has a plan for asteroid deflection - Good to know, sort of: NASA has outlined plans for dealing with an asteroid a quarter of a mile wide that astronomers believe is on a near-collision course with Earth. The agency says there is no need at present to dispatch a radio transponder to the asteroid, but adds that it will be keeping a close eye on the rock's progress through the solar system…the asteroid, which used to be known as 2004 MN4, has now been dubbed Apophis. If the current estimates are correct, the asteroid will miss our planet by just tens of thousands of miles…in 2029…in astronomical terms, it is a very near miss.

"In addition, the proximity of the pass is likely to be such that the gravitational interaction between the asteroid and the Earth could alter the rock's projected orbit, making it more likely to hit us…If it did hit, the damage would be substantial…If it hit a city, there wouldn't be much urban life left, and if it landed in the sea, it would trigger a potentially destructive tsunami.

"The space agency says that if the asteroid still appears to be threatening Earth by 2013, it will start work on a mission to visit Apophis with a probe in 2019...NASA's plans were made public by the B612 Foundation, a group agitating for more action from governments on the threat from Near-Earth-Objects (NEOs). In June this year it asked NASA whether Apophis needed to be tagged with a transponder, and what NASA would do if the asteroid did turn out to pose a serious threat to Earth.

"The B612 Foundation says that while it welcome's NASA's response to its questions, if it hadn't raised the question 'the current understanding of the Apophis circumstances might not have developed. This is not an acceptable scenario.'"

[NOTE: In other words, the less we know, the better.]

MSM Introduces Apophis!

During the last half of "2006" mainstream mass media intensified coverage of Apophis and set about framing the issue for us, convincing all to shrug shoulders before re-focusing on "Reality" TV screens.

October 3, 2006

The PBS series Nova airs an episode about Apophis:

"Remember Deep Impact or Armageddon?…the movies were a little silly…but they were inspired by a frightening truth about our solar system...to guard against catastrophe, a team at NASA tracks asteroids, including that potentially lethal one: Apophis, named for an Egyptian god of darkness and evil.

"It was clear that Apophis is going to be a very close approach, a fascinating object…Very often we start off with a one-in-a-billion, maybe one-in-a-million chance. But maximum probability was one in 37 - a one in 37 chance that in April of the year 2029 Apophis will slam into Earth on - get this - Friday the 13th. We'd never seen anything like that before, that was absolutely extraordinary.

"The NASA team has to continually revise it's prediction…but the asteroid will come frighteningly close to Earth. It's going to come 10 times closer to us than the Moon is. So it's actually going to come closer to us than the ring of communication satellites that are in synchronous altitude around the Earth. Such a near miss means that Earth's gravity will dramatically alter the asteroid's orbit. The problem is, as its pass bends, there is one small region of space we do not want Apophis to pass through: it's named the keyhole. If it should pass through that little key hole, then it would be on a collision course for a later encounter…If the asteroid passes through the keyhole, then seven years later, in 2036, Apophis will be headed right for us…It would create a crater around 60 to 100 miles across and it would dissipate energy about equal to 100 nuclear bombs going off at the same time...If Apophis passes through the center of the keyhole, it will slam into the Pacific Ocean about 1000 miles off the California coast…If it hits in the water it will create a very significant tsunami…We'd have 3 and a half hours of waves 55 feet or higher crashing onto the shore, not just a simple rise in the water level that we saw in the Indonesian tsunami, we're talking about a surfable wave…along the whole coast, all the way up and down from the Panama Canal all the way up to Alaska.

[NOTE: Apophis will deliver us from evil when its tidal tsunami washes clean the Lost Continent of Seattleland, and its dictator EMPeror, from the Pacific Northwest.]

"We know very little about Apophis, unfortunately. We have a crude estimate of its size, we don't know anything detailed about its shape, we don't know if it's a porous object. Deflecting a weirdly shaped or porous object would be a challenge.

"We know of about 4000 Near Earth asteroids, but recent estimates tell us that there's thousands more just as deadly that we have yet to discover. Apophis is just the tip of the iceberg...My concern is with the tens of thousands of these objects that we haven't yet discovered that could take us by surprise."

Michael Fairchild

"What shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered…the coming of the Sun of Man will be like lightning that can be seen from east to west…after the tribulations of those days shall the Sun be darkened, and the Moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then shall appear the sign of the Sun of Man in heaven…and they shall see the Sun of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory…At the sound of a loud trumpet, he will send his angels…"

– Matthew 24:3-4, 27-30

......................... "Trumpets and violins, I can hear in the distance…" - Jimi

"Jimi explained that 'distant trumpets and violins' symbolize the message…Trumpets stand for prophecies, while violins represent music…The trumpet, he explained, heralds something new appearing on the horizon."
– Monika Dannemann