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August 24, 2003:

The Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research Project (an MIT Lincoln Laboratory program funded by the United States Air Force and NASA) discover a near Earth asteroid they name 2003-QQ47 and rates it a classification of 1 on the Torino scale of impact hazards. At around 1.2 km in width, 2003 QQ47 called "an event meriting careful monitoring" by astronomers, is calculated to arrive at Earth on March 21, 2014 (the birthday of Son House and anniversary of Jimi Hendrix playing in Rochester, NY, where Son House lived).

September 2, 2003:

Nearly two weeks after the discovery of asteroid 2003 QQ47, the news is leaked to the press. reports, "New Asteroid Threat to Earth - Impact Potential in 2014 - Astronomers expect the risk of impact to decrease significantly as more data is gathered."

[NOTE: Of course, that's what American tax payer money is spent for, teams of "experts" to cook the books and creatively re-calculate the trajectory. That they'll dismiss the threat is a foregone conclusion, it's what they're paid to do. Most corporate media are obeying orders to suppress news of the discovery of 2003 QQ47 anyway.]

"The gravitational influence of the giant gas planets, like Jupiter, or an impact by a comet, can knock these large rocks out of their safe orbit," warns, "If it does strike Earth the impact could have the effect of over 20 million Hiroshima style atomic bombs."

September 5, 2003:

And once again, right on cue, here comes the government white wash: CNN reports, "A newly discovered asteroid has zero chance of colliding with Earth in 11 years, although preliminary data had suggested such a doomsday scenario was possible, astronomers said this week. New data allowed a more refined projection of the orbit of the space rock, dubbed 2003-QQ47 -- ruling out more than a dozen possible strike dates, according to the Near Earth Objects Information Center. 'Some may question whether the center should have posted the information about 2003-QQ47 in the first place,' the center said in a statement several days after the original announcement."

[NOTE: And I bet the astronomers who let the cat out of the bag are residents of Guantanamo Bay today…and get the euphemism from CNN: "allowed a more refined projection of the orbit." Did someone say "cook the books?"]

December 24, 2004:

World media quotes a NASA press release: "A recently rediscovered 400-meter [quarter-mile wide] Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) named 2004-MN4 is predicted to pass near the Earth on 13 April 2029. The flyby distance is uncertain and an Earth impact cannot yet be ruled out. The odds of impact, presently around 1 in 300, are unusual enough to merit special monitoring by astronomers, but should not be of public concern. These odds are likely to change on a day-to-day basis as new data are received. In all likelihood, the possibility of impact will eventually be eliminated..there is no cause for public attention or public concern as an actual collision is very unlikely. New telescopic observations very likely will lead to re-assignment to Level 0 [no hazard].'"

[NOTE: NASA bends over backwards to pacify concern here. Multiple phrases in this press release emphasize the foregone conclusion that this asteroid will pass by. NASA is cooking the books regarding the asteroid's path. It's Christmas Eve and the Deity is fed up with these re-calculations, because MN4 is Jimi's "Electric Love" Rock and it's headed for Earth. The Deity plans to consummate the trajectory, as soon as "Krismas" is over…]

December 26, 2004:

While First Century Press is producing the new movie titled "Like Christians In Rome" the Hendrix Rock Prophecy comes true. As Americans prepare for bed late on Christmas night, the first reports come in of a massive Deep Impact tidal wave in the Indian Ocean. The Deity has tossed a "Christmas Star" from the sky into the sea, causing enough of an earthquake to alter the rotation of the planet. More than 200,000 people perish in floods of biblical proportions. The astronomer witch doctors who at this moment are racing to announce more "proof" that asteroid MN4 will not impact Earth see satellite scenes of the meteor flaming into the sea. Having prepared since 1998 for such an incident, media immediately enacts a plan to persuade us that the tsunami wave was caused by an earthquake alone. The extent to which the entire media can be mobilized to censor and suppress eye-witness reports of the Christmas Star is the hallmark of our time, a world in which the Orwellian nightmare of total control of us has been achieved by overlord dominators.

"Electric Love penetrates the sky…the Mountains fall in the sea…the Sun refuses to shine..." - Jimi

But the deity had the decency to wait until the day after Krismas to begin fulfilling Jimi's prediction. The Krismas Star that's caused mass suffering around the world is only the first of the Rocks due to impact. This first Rock hit a remote part of the ocean where it was seen by a handful of people, who today try to explain what happened. Media conceals all reports of Krismas Star sightings. Air Force pilots and technicians who monitor space satelites are under the threat of Guantanamo Bay if they disclose the impact to anyone. If you believe this unlikely, consider the Jan Wong incident, where an entire population is kept unaware of evidence. But the next Rock to strike won't be in an isolated area. And those who've tried to silence us will find Earth murdered. They think they've dominated us like they persecuted early Christians in Rome, but today the Savior's returned, to crucify the brutes