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JIMI HENDRIX - the MCA series, booklets & consulting by Michael Fairchild:

Woodstock Diary CD, booklet by Michael Fairchild,
on Atlantic Records 1994.
Previously Unreleased Music From Woodstock

"Hendrix's words and music are being kept alive by a man who is known all over the world as one of the top authorities on Hendrix; Michael Fairchild. Fairchild is working on a CD called On The Road, it will be a double CD of the best of the unreleased live concert music and is due out in September. He has also compiled a manuscript entitled Rock Prophecy, which contains quotes from every source available concerning the non-musical side of Hendrix. 'I want to take the concept of Rock Prophecy and introduce it to people who don't know anything about the music of Hendrix and show how it pertains to religion and American history. Jimi had a vision and was trying to communicate it to the world'...Fairchild was also involved with the release of Woodstock Diary (Atlantic Records - August 1994) [see right], a compilation of songs that did not appear on the original soundtrack for Woodstock."

- BackFlash Magazine - August 1995

WKRC DJ: "There's certain things that need to be said, and one person who's saying these things is Michael Fairchild, I would say he's the foremost, or if not the, certainly among the foremost scholars and researchers of Jimi Hendrix. You've all seen his work, at the very least in the liner notes of MCA re-issues of the Experience LPs. But he's also widely published in various magazines…addressing certain issues in the Hendrix scene, as it were…For those of you who are new to this, Michael has contributed amazing amounts of work, research, he's a definite work horse and deserves a lot of credit for the work he's done. A lot of the releases that have come out would have been a lot worse if Michael wasn't involved. We really have to be thankful because it really could have been a lot worse if Michael hadn't been involved. He's really heavy and tends to make a lot of sense."

Fairchild: "To me, Jimi Hendrix is much more than just the music, there was always a story behind it that pertained to really deep things that were happening in my life that I wanted to express as a writer. There's that shadow of Jimi, and to express what it means to you, through a really narrow field of editors that you've got to get through, what these people think needs to be expressed. So inevitably you get involved in a lot of distractions [because] they put it behind a very narrow boundary, around what you can express about Jimi Hendrix at this time. When we do access the media and we make points about Jimi that exceed the boundaries that have been set by this invisible, like play-list, of not only the songs, the top three or five hits, it's the top three or five concepts that get regurgitated over and over again in the magazines and the newscasts. There's a whole galaxy of ideas regarding Jimi Hendrix that are screened out, they're weeded out, you're not allowed to express them by the controlling forces, the elites in media. We're not allowed to say it. All of my efforts at this point, twenty-five years later, are to break through those boundaries, to shatter that wall of the elites, the money people that are out there screening, not allowing us to make the connections. There are a lot of ideas and thoughts that this music has led me to. If you're a writer, it's up to the artistry of how you say it, to address the audience that you have something to communicate to. And it's a real bitch because, half the time, what you do and what you say is going to be stolen anyway. Like Jimi said, he compared himself to a black actor in Hollywood, saying he has to be ten times as good to get through, and that's true, because the way the system is structured, the way that we're able to take advantage of unmonied people, half of what they say is going to be stolen by the elite anyway. And you're fighting, fending off, [trying] to keep anything that you might come up with of value."

WKRC DJ: "An interview with Michael Fairchild, really a radical researcher, he's done more than most individuals to further the cause of Jimi Hendrix, in the true sense of the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, not like certain corporate entities."

- WKRC-FM Radio New York - September 16, 1995

"Project Consultant, Research Assistance & Jimi Hendrix Quotes Compilation: Michael Fairchild."

- Martin Green & Bill Sienkiewicz in their book Voodoo Child - The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix - November 1995

"Thanks...especially to Michael Fairchild for his important chronological notes on Jimi Hendrix...and also for his new information regarding Hendrix's death."

- David Henderson in his biography of Jimi Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky - The Life of Jimi Hendrix
(Bantam Books Trade Edition - April 1996.)

"A big thank you goes to...Michael Fairchild, who used to be my 'reviews' buddy from the States - many of the reviews in this book were his accomplishment."

- Ben Valkhoff in his book Eyewitness - The Illustrated Jimi Hendrix Concerts - July 1997

"During the second Norman [Oklahoma] show, Jimi dedicated a transfixing version of the song Machine Gun to the Kent State victims...Michael J. Fairchild, a journalist for Guitar School magazine, wrote that the Norman version of Machinhe Gun is 'the single most chilling and fascinating track in Hendrix's bootleg legacy.'"

- The Norman Transcript - Norman, Oklahoma - May 5, 2000

"Voodoo Soup...this is a really good CD. It's been forgotten, pushed to the side by the 1997-released Hendrix-family approved First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Due to this, Voodoo Soup has basically disappeared from stores; I remember when it was released, in 1995, the CD was everywhere. They even had this large, stand-up promotional display in my local record store, a blown up image of the funky cover drawing by Moebius...And on top of this you also get well-written liner notes by Michael Fairchild. Sure, the guy idolizes Jimi to the point of godhood, but still, so what? If you're going to make a rock star larger than life, why not make it Jimi Hendrix? In summary, I would recommend tracking this down. The mixes are better than those on First Rays, and also the album doesn't drag after a while - First Rays gets a bit jagged."

- Joseph Kenney - Amazon.com review - August 14, 2001

"The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band (Michael Fairchild on guitar/vocals) repeatedly unleashes excellent renditions of Hendrix's best music in an unforgettable experience...the variety of styles and moods of Hendrix's repertoire include blues, hard rock, R&B, funk, ballads, instrumentals, rock 'n roll, and psychedelic. All are captured by this trio. The Hendrix tribute band creates full-blown fuzz-feedback guitar, backed by an explosive rhythm section...Verbatim renditions of classic songs, powerhouse precautions, and showstopping theatrics make this tribute to Jimi a mindbending crowd pleaser."

- Freetime Magazine - September 5, 2001

"Regardless as to what one might make of Michael Fairchild's conclusions in his book Rock Prophecy, it is quite an impressive tome - scholarly speaking, at the very least. This is no casual rant, my friends. Fairchild goes into considerable detail and depth (with copious footnotes) as to exactly why and how he believes what he does. His devotion to his beliefs is admirable. Rock Prophecy is a significant achievement that should NOT be dismissed out of hand. Truth be told, the next time I offer my university class on Jimi Hendrix, I will seriously look into the possibility of mounting a panel discussion with the likes of Fairchild...I would gladly turn the moderation of such a panel over to Bill Moyers!"

- Prof. Robert Priest Phd. - University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - July 6, 2002

"Plenty of press is given to Bill Gates and in nearly equal measure his money. But what about the man who co-founded the company, Paul Allen, and his money? Michael Fairchild, a music writer groomed to become the next director of the Jimi Hendrix production company, Are You Experienced? Ltd., has plenty to say about Allen and his money during his traveling multimedia show Hendrix Rockprophecy, which pulls into the Mulroy Civic Center's Carrier Theater on Saturday, August 9. The show includes a lecture from Fairchild stating his belief that the Hendrix legacy was bought, sold and tarnished when Allen used his dollar clout to get Al Hendrix, Jimi's dad, out of his contract with Are You Experienced? and begin the process of obscuring the greatness of Hendrix...The show also includes a concert featuring live Hendrix covers and interpretations of the songs."

- Syracuse New Times August 6, 2003

D&C August 13, 2003

The Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester ran this article [see left] on August 13, 2003, and concealed the news that local resident Michael Fairchild originated this exhibition and developed the project with the Hendrix production company.

"Are you a fan of the late Jimi Hendrix's music or legacy? If so, RockProphecy, a Jimi Hendrix tribute band, will perform at 10 p.m. Saturday, June 26 at Albie's...The sounds and story of Hendrix will be presented by former writer and consultant of Hendrix's production company, Are You Experienced? Ltd. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Fairchild...presents the many styles of music for which Hendrix was known. Along with a musical performance, Fairchild speaks passionately about a lawsuit involving Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and the rights to market Hendrix's music. Fairchild says the lawsuit left him without a job and, in his mind, tarnished the legacy of Hendrix. Fairchild also wants to make known Hendrix's prediction of a potential asteroid making contact with Earth. Fairchild explores this theory in the book, Rock Prophecy, published in the 1990s, and in a DVD titled Rockprophecy Rockumentary that was released last September. For information about the band and Hendrix's 'prophecy,' visit www.rockprophecy.com."

- Observer Dispatch Newspaper Utica - June 24, 2004

Niagra Falls, New York - Niagra Gazette,
Night & Day
cover - July 8, 2004:

"Some bands just never lose their appeal...Michael Fairchild, who portrays Jimi Hendrix in the band Hendrix Rockprophecy, doesn't pay much attention to what he's wearing onstage. His basic attire is a pair of bell-bottom pants, or a flowing shirt and vest. The accuracy of the music is what's most important to him. 'It's a detailed thing to play Hendrix music correctly,' he said, 'It's not easy. You have to surrender your impulses to his rhythms. Foxy Lady is like bouncing on a smooth roller coaster.' Hendrix's rhythms aren't the only unique thing about him. He's well renowned for his onstage antics such as blindly playing the guitar behind his back and using his teeth to pluck the strings. "Plucking the guitar strings with your teeth as a requirement of Hendrix music,' Fairchild said. 'You actually can't make some of the melodic phrases sound right unless you bite the strings.'"

- Niagra Gazette Niagra Falls, July 8, 2004


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