Paul Allen's PBS TV Series Rebuttal to Rock Prophecy:

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EV 2001: [Darwin's] theory of natural selection had a major problem…it offered no help in explaining the wild extravagances found throughout nature, like the peacock's tail…There had to be an evolutionary explanation…Of all the claims of evolutionary psychology, none are more sweeping than Geoffrey Miller's. He believes the human brain, like the peacock's magnificent tail, is an extravagance that evolved, at least in part, to help us attract a mate, and pass on genes.

RP 1999: Evidence that stress levels determine sexuality is seen in increased numbers of circumcisions in recent decades...Gay men and straight women are the two groups most concerned with whether or not a penis has a foreskin…a double-edged irony has resulted in near universal acceptance of circumcision in 20th century America: a circumcised penis satisfies the urges of Puritans who seek some punishment for sex, while at the same time satisfying the tastes of men and women who prefer the appearance of an uncovered phallus. The point is that in prehistory the urge for circumcision came first. Men later offered explanations to justify the ritual with reasons other than "it looks better."… Foreskin removal has from the start always been "cosmetic surgery," with a lot of other explanations offered throughout history to disguise this fact for people who won't admit that they are more turned on by a naked glans.

EV 2001: When choosing a mate, we still notice beauty, but what really counts is how someone thinks, feels, and acts. All of these are products of the brain. There are all sorts of things that mess up brains and, paradoxically, for that reason, brains make really good indicators of how fit you are during courtship. In fact, they are probably better indicators of that even than a peacock's tail is of how fit a peacock is.

RP 1999: During the early 1930s, the increase in surgical circumcision began the sharp upward spiral that was to carry it to nearly universal acceptance in the United States…The rise of industrialized urban life in the 20th century brought with it a great increase in stress among city dwellers. Our high anxiety lifestyles have resulted in an explosion of homosexual progeny. Events like the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II in the 1940s produced millions of conceptions under conditions of prolonged stress. Many of the boys conceived during this period grew up to become gay men. Today, circumcised cocks are in demand more than ever before. The increase of stress in America is paralleled by an increase in circumcisions.

EV 2001: …artistic expression, no matter how sublime, has its roots in our desire to impress the opposite sex. And that includes music, art, the poetic and storytelling uses of language, even a good sense of humor. According to Miller, they all stem from our instincts for sexual display. "I think when a lot of people produce cultural displays, what they're doing, in a sense, is exercising these sexual instincts for impressing the opposite sex."

RP 1999: Carter cites a study conducted at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in which 80 mothers were asked about their reasons for requesting circumcision for their boys. Many of the women answered, "because it looks better."…Of multi-partnered women surveyed in the 1980s, ninety percent declared a preference for intercourse with circumcised lovers…In his book Commonsense Childbirth, Lester Hazell observes, "In a way, circumcision has become cosmetic surgery."

RP 1999: "Routine circumcision skyrocketed from a mere 6 percent to nearly 100 percent in little more than 50 years," reports Carter. Did an increase in homosexual/bisexual men create a social climate in which routine circumcision is preferred? Today's population of men is mostly free of foreskins (and more appealing to the majority of gay men who prefer the "cut" look)… Controversy surrounds this assertion because many other people are indifferent with regards to whether a glans is covered or uncovered, while still others consider the foreskin to be most appealing. Most scholars agree that hygiene is not the reason nor even the issue [regarding reasons for circumcision]…

RP 1999: Widespread circumcision is evidence of an increase in numbers of gay men. Overpopulation produces increased stress in our lives. Homosexuals are nature's corrective defense against extinction, because without herd thinners, population will increase unchecked until our numbers consume all resources. Benefits from herd thinners have been recognized by many societies throughout history.

[NOTE: On Nov. 19, "2004" ABC News 20/20 ran a report about a woman named "Jaunita" who was undergoing sex change surgery to become a man named "Juan." Since age three Juanita had considered herself a male [Juan]. Part of the 20/20 report focused on Juan's mother, who, while pregnant, had undergone intense prolonged stress:

"Dr. Nancy Segal, director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University at Fullerton, says she thinks some pre-natal factors affected Juan's sexual identity. What could've happened in the womb to change him so much? 'Well, we know that his mother was stressed at certain points in her pregnancy. And pregnant mothers who are stressed will release certain levels of hormones,' Segal said. Just before [Juan's] birth, [his] mother was involved in a near-fatal car accident. [She] clung to the side of a bridge to save herself and her unborn baby. Dr. Segal believes that traumatic event may have triggered an adrenalin releasing hormone into the womb, that, for some unexplained reason, masculanized Juan. It is only a theory." - ABC News 20/20 - Nov. 19, 2004]

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EV 2001: Sex is at the heart of evolution. The process of mixing and passing on genes produces variation that helps species meet the challenge of life in a competitive world. Sexually selected variations are those that help individuals find mates and successfully raise their young. That's how, for humans, sex became fun, and parenting rewarding. Those of our ancestors who took pleasure from sex, and satisfaction from parenting, had more surviving off spring than those who didn't. That was true generation after generation.

RP 1999: Sodomy [between parents]…may be seen as an important mechanism for spacing births in areas where seasonal fluctuations in rainfall, food harvests, available fish resources, and so on, can be crucial. Throughout the world, limitations in the carrying capacity of a given environment have demanded from people cultural as well as biological responses. Postpartum sexual abstention of up to three years is a generally cited worldwide average, to ensure that a nursing infant will not die because of malnutrition when his mother becomes pregnant again and another baby displaces him at the breast. Sodomy can be viewed as still another cultural mechanism to achieve spacing of births.

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