Concert clips & recordings of Michael Fairchild performing Jimi Hendrix music live.


The band tours were staged in order to get performance footage to use in the movies and lecture series being produced today by First Century Press.

Band Members

Michael Fairchild: guitar/vocals; Mike Caywood: bass; Andy LaClair: drums/backing vocals; Mike Thone: drums; Marco Ruggerio (from Toronto): drums; Rick Lundgren: bass.

Michael Fairchild

Toronto - NOW Magazine - November 2003

VIDEO: Red House

VIDEO: Manic Depression

VIDEO: I Don't Live Today - Canada

VIDEO: Machine Gun

VIDEO: Message To Love

VIDEO: Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Villanova Junction

VIDEO: Straight Ahead - Canada

VIDEO: New Rising Sun/In From the Storm

VIDEO: Foxy Lady - Syracuse

VIDEO: Spanish Castle Magic

VIDEO: Earth Blues

VIDEO: Machine Gun - Buffalo

VIDEO: Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Villanova Junction - Burlington

VIDEO: Pali Gap

VIDEO: 1983 (a merman I should turn to be) Pt. 1

VIDEO: 1983 (a merman I should turn to be) Pt. 2

VIDEO: Voodoo Child (slight return) - Canada

VIDEO: I Don't Live Today

VIDEO: Little Miss Lover

VIDEO: Midnight

VIDEO: Foxy Lady - Canada

The evil pigs at Experience Hendrix company in Seattle threatened to sue us for using Jimi pics in this deleted video

VIDEO NEWS - updated April 29, 2008




2001 "XP" Tour

2003 Concert Tour

2004 Concert Tour

AUDIO DOWNLOADS (.mp3 format):

Jimi Hendrix songs played by Michael Fairchild -
Live takes, no overdubs. Vocals & instruments are recorded at the same time:

Little Miss Lover (2:54 .mp3 file 2.66 MB)

She's So Fine (2:35 .mp3 file 2.37 MB)

Castles Made of Sand (2:50 .mp3 file 2.60 MB)

May This Be Love (3:21 .mp3 file 3.07 MB)

Sounds of audience at Fairchild concert (1:49 .mp3 file 1.66 MB)

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