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"the diameter of the asteroid (that is, a 100m asteroid will create a 2 kilometre diameter crater). The water rushes back in...The centre of the 'crater' oscillates up and down..."

"The huge earthquake tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…The rupture, the fault that actually tore in the Earth's crust, is about twelve hundred kilometers long."
- PBS TV, Bill McGuire, Volcanologist, NOVA: Wave That Shook the World

"The Dec. 26, 2004 quake lifted an 18-foot (6 meter) ledge along 620-miles (1,000 kilometers)." -, April 25, 2005

The impact asteroid gouges out a crater across twelve hundred kilometers of the ocean floor. Three months later, March 28, 2005, the ridge of the crater wall collapses and another huge quake (same size as December's) shakes the ocean, but this time there is no tsunami wave.

MARCH 28, 2005 QUAKE

PBS TV News Hour: "An earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia today, close to the area where another quake triggered a devastating tsunami in December…but hours later there were no reports that a tsunami had occurred. It struck the same area devastated by another earthquake, one that created a deadly tsunami three months ago…and killed almost three hundred thousand people…In this case [March 2005] the damage was purely from the earthquake…there was no full scale tsunami despite the severity of the tremor…This was the worst hit area in [December], this time though…the tsunami itself never came."

"The relevant question is: how does this relate? How does this rupture relate to the earthquake of December?" - Kerry Sieh, Geology Professor, Caltech - PBS TV News Hour, March 2005

December's quake was made by an asteroid impact. The quake in March came from the crater wall caving in on itself. The space rock at Christmas gouged out a seabed hole with vertical ridges around its edge, a row of mountains jutting up.

Then, three months later, in March, the wall structure settles into position, triggering a second quake as big as the first one in December, but this time there's no tsunami. A quake alone there won't make the wave, an asteroid splash is needed.

"…tears apart the floor of the Indian Ocean…something snapped…the force that actually tore into the earth's crust is 1200 km long…the seafloor lifted, it displaced billions of tons of water above it…this released as much energy as 23,000 Hiroshima-size atom bombs. Part of the ocean floor has been uplifted, and part has been trapped down…Because the seafloor changes, so does the water column above. The seafloor…lifted area basically collapses." - PBS TV NOVA: Wave That Shook the World

This collapse happens three months after the Christmas impact. The unstable crater wall caves in and makes a quake. But this time, in March, there is no tsunami, because an asteroid splash made the wave that rippled rings around the ocean, as if from a pebble tossed in a pond. But the impact is covered-up.

On the heels of the March 28 quake, government agencies race to explain the lack of waves. The aim of official spin is to keep concealed the meteor of December. Moguls can't allow news to get through that Jimi's prediction came true, they can't say December's quake came from a rock. So Chip Groat, Director of the US Geological Survey, is ordered to appear on ABC TV News Nightline and spin official propaganda:

ABC TV NIGHTLINE: "In December there was a 9.0 magnitude quake. Why didn't this one [in March] produce a big tsunami too?"

Director Groat: "That's a good question. The kind of motion we detected here would give the indication that there was a serious danger of tsunami, and we said so. The fact that it didn't generate one is going to send us back to the scientific drawing board to learn why it didn't."

ABC TV NIGHTLINE: "Any clues?"

Director Groat: "Not at this point, no. It was a severe thrust which we think would generate the energy for tsunami, but in fact it didn't happen."

Groat knows why: there's no wave today because, unlike three months ago, no asteroid splashed the sea.

"When the [March 28 quake] first occurred, we were very uneasy, because this had the potential to generate a large tsunami, but there is only a very modest one that developed, and the reason for that is not fully understood. That's a problem that our scientists are working on right now…that mechanism is not fully understood." - Jim Devine, US Geological Survey, PBS TV News Hour, March 2005

What their scientists are "working on" is a "mechanism" that doesn't mention the asteroid, a lie to describe why the same size quake in the same place makes no wave. They have to create explanations without saying the December wave was made by a rock. Dominators can't allow news to get through that Jimi's prediction came true, they must hide proof that Hendrix is correct. Around the globe moguls mobilize media to conceal this. Ahead, we'll explain why, but first, consider the fate of an American nuclear submarine named the USS San Francisco…


More evidence of an impact crater comes from the mysterious death, damage, and injuries onboard the USS San Francisco. The official government story is that this submarine, stationed nearby the December earthquake site, "hit the ocean floor" in the days following the tsunami. One sailor was killed and 97 crew members were injured, with 29 of them hospitalized. The front of the sub sustained substantial damage. The bow alone cost $11 million to repair.

Officials say the sub "struck an undersea mountain…hit a seamount that did not appear on the chart."

But, as a Russian naval official told Sorcha Faal, "Make no mistake about it, the American submariners know their courses too well and are too highly trained for this to happen." Indeed, the damaged sub's commander was cited by a Navy admiral for "19 years of exemplary service." The sub's commander knew well the ocean floor terrain in that area where the USS San Francisco is stationed, but he was unaware that a newly formed crater lay in the path of his vessel.

The Russian naval official interviewed by Sorcha Faal said, "Imagine walking around your house at night with the lights off and someone has re-arranged the furniture. Some extreme geologic 'change' had to have happened for this [submarine] accident to occur."

The "re-arranged furniture" and "extreme geologic change" that the sub struck was a newly formed crater ridge jutting up from the sea floor, made by an asteroid impact days earlier.
"The exact position of [the submarine's] grounding is classified."

This is why the location of the submarine's crash remains a classified secret by the U.S. government, as noted on a blog by Navy personnel (see left):

The sub crash site is Top Secret because it's where the asteroid impact happened, and the elite need to conceal evidence of a hit, so its location is classified to hide the hole, as moguls move to remove its ridge. The sub was stationed in the area where the rock hit, so it was sent to investigate the site. Charts of the ocean floor used to set the vessel's course were outdated after the impact. A new ridge wall surrounding the recently formed crater lay straight ahead in the sub's path.


If not for the death of a crew member, dozens of injured sailors, and damage to the craft from the crash, we would not know today about this evidence for the asteroid crater. Media can't hide hospital records and a damaged sub. Officials and crew onboard the USS San Francisco didn't know what they'd hit. The ocean floor charts they used didn't show the new seabed topography formed after the asteroid impact. So the navy story is that the sub "struck an undersea mountain." But, when considering the "official version" of what happened to the San Francisco, keep in mind these veterans who were ambushed in Vietnam. Media covered up the massacre they survived and reported it instead as a "victory" for the U.S. military:


Media Cover-Up - Just Ask the Vietnam Vets

Interviewed soldier: "If that's the way history is written, who knows what the hell really happened?"

Indonesia Comes Clean After We Expose Them

After First Century Press published Tsunami Asteroid's Gamma Blast and exposed the existence of the seafloor crater gouged out by the rock impact on Christmas 2004, the government of Indonesia realized their cover had been blown and their complicity in the cover-up of the crater beneath the Indian Ocean would be investigated. So on May 29, 2009 the Indonesian government issued a statement to AFP: "A massive underwater mountain was discovered off the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian government marine geologist Yusuf Surachman said the mountain was discovered earlier this month about 330 kilometres (205 miles) west of Bengkulu city, the epicentre of the catastrophic Asian quake and tsunami of 2004. Surachman denied reports that researchers had confirmed the discovery of a new volcano, insisting that at this stage it could only be described as a 'seamount.' 'It looks like a volcano because of its conical shape, but it might not be,' he said, 'the cone-shaped mountain is 4,600 metres (15,100 ft.) high, 50 kilometres in diameter at its base and its summit is 1,300 metres below the surface.'"

For "conical shape" read: CRATER! This is yet another example of the incredible Turn-Asteroid-Impacts-Into-Volcano-Holes trick that mogul media has been flooding science publications and TV shows with for the past several years. By portraying volcanoes as the cause of past extinctions and impact disasters, the public is being specifically conditioned to dismiss the threat of impacts and regard future asteroid hits as extremely unlikely. Unfortunately for us all, the opposite is true.




After the tsunami, many websites drew a connection between the increase of reports about asteroids, meteors, and comets around Earth in the days leading up to the quake, and the big wave that followed: - Dec. 2004

"Prior to the great quake that shook the Indian Ocean in December, reported numerous incidents of fireballs and other unusual aerial phenomena." -, March 2005

December 27, 2004: "The asteroids that we see may be less troubling than the ones we're missing. Days before Christmas, astronomers located an asteroid after it had whizzed by the Earth…below the orbits of satellites…As I write about the potential dangers posed by asteroids, a very real event has just taken place, an earthquake and tsunami has killed large numbers of people along the coast of the Indian Ocean." - Glenn Reynolds -

A blog called Asteroid Strikes, Meteor Showers, Solar Flares (August 2005) notes how "an increased number of meteorite strikes were reported in the months just before the Indonesian tsunami…The last [strike] reported was a large one that landed in the ocean off the coast of Sumatra [Jakarta] just days before the quake and tsunami." :

Finally, at Guerilla News Network, an online forum about the tsunami alerts us to a media deception, as blogger "Zack" explains, "This is my problem with the whole thing; the media reports it as if the earthquake was a ripple effect [circular waves in the ocean]…Wrong…a plate movement will result in a tidal wave with specific direction…but it won't be a ripple [wave]…that's just silly…So what gives with the media reports of circular [ripple] waves [like waves caused by impacts]?…Apart from President Bush being able to use [news of an impact] to justify star wars [U.S. Missile Defense Program] if it's a meteor, does it really make a huge difference whether [the tsunami] started out as an earthquake or a meteor?"

Yes, it makes a "huge difference" to those who control media that we agree an earthquake made the wave, and that there was not a Rock.


They don't want us to know how this impact is a central event in Jimi's prediction, which came to fruition at Christmas 2004.

The single most critical propaganda aim of global moguls is to deny Jimi's vision and hide the collision that proves he's right. In societies like ours that enshrine inequality, asteroid defense won't get made in time. As Hendrix said, "humans haven't got their priorities right, we base everything on a status thing." But the right priority, the real status, is defense against threats from space. All of our actions should be directed there, under a system of equality for all. Without it this is a temporary civilization living on borrowed time. But mogul media of the evil elite conceal this. They call equality an "invasion of capital", meaning less wealth for them. They claim they deserve more, and use media to get us to agree.

David Brancaccio: "That's the Enron connection, right? The sense that seems to persist - that we know best, we can figure this out. Let us just do what we have to do. We'll be able to move forward."

Bethany McLean: "And that we're smarter than you, so we're entitled to make a whole lot more money than the rest of you." - PBS TV NOW - Jan. 30, 2009

Moguls mobilize media and get us to forget Hendrix, and especially suppress how Jimi's vision came true. Here's what media is organized to hide:


"The solar system is going through a change soon and it's going to affect the Earth itself in about thirty years."

- Jimi Hendrix 1969

"About thirty years" later after 1969, in 2004, a "change in our solar system" made an asteroid crash in the ocean. Jimi's prediction proved true.


"There's a physical change coming, the world's gonna go topsy-turvy…there's gonna be a big physical change."

- Jimi 1969

"The magnitude 9.3 earthquake left a detectable scar on Earth's gravity field
[and] shifted the North Pole by an inch
." -
, April 25, 2005

The 2004 impact and quake made the planet's axis shift at the poles. The top-of-the-world turned, as Hendrix said: "topsy-turvy."

"The source of the earthquake has caused the Earth to wobble. The earthquake has caused the mass of the Earth to be out of balance, which has caused the Earth to wobble. The earthquake was so big it shifted the entire planet." - PBS TV, Richard Gross, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NOVA: Wave That Shook the World

New York Post Dec. 2004: "Because of the gargantuan quake, planet Earth is ringing like a church bell. You can't hear it, but it's being measured at seismic stations around the world. It will last for three days, perhaps longer…[A] shifting of geological plates along a 600-mile area…changed the Earth's mass. As the mass returns to normal, it moves back and forth, much like a church bell when struck by a tong…The quake caused a shift in the Earth's rotation, as the change in the planet's mass altered the effect of the pull of gravity on the Earth." - New York Post

Atmospheric chaos swirled as the top of our globe turned topsy-turvy "about thirty years" after Jimi said in 1969 that Earth will be affected by a physical change in "about thirty years" when the "world goes topsy-turvy." Just hours before this happened at Christmas 2004, an asteroid in space was discovered to be aimed at Earth, due to arrive "about thirty years" in the future, in 2029, on Friday the 13th in April. Astronomers designated this rock "MN4"… MN = "Mountain"

"The Mountain falls in the sea...the Sun refuses to shine." - Jimi Hendrix

NASA officials christen this Rock "Apophis", named for the Egyptian demon of darkness and destruction, symbolized by dragons.

Ancient people believed comets and meteors in the sky

were flying, fire breathing dragons.

Apophis is officially assigned asteroid number "999-42" - upside down and backwards this number is: "666+6 ["42" is 4+2=6]".

666 is the biblical sign of the devil.

"Now if the Six turned out to be Nine, I don't mind…" - Jimi Hendrix "If 6 Was 9"

And the word "Apophis" closely resembles the Bible's own name for the rock predicted to destroy Earth:

"The name of the star is Apinthos." - Revelation 8 [Greek translation]


When the Apophis asteroid arrives in 2029 it will have been 60 years since 1969. In 1969 Jimi wrote about himself as Jesus:

"I've been Jesus Christ - 30 twice" - Jimi 1969

30 twice equals 60. Sixty years after 1969 (when Jimi wrote "30 twice") is 2029.

"Jesus Christ 30 twice" is his reference to the year 2029, 60 years after 1969 is 2029.

"29" is "about thirty".

"The solar system is going through a change…it's going to affect the Earth in about thirty years."- Jimi

"This asteroid, on Friday the 13th in April 2029, will come close enough to Earth to dip below our communications satellites in orbit around Earth." - Neil de Grasse Tyson, ABC TV News

"Jesus looked me in the eyes, said almost in a chuckle,
'Sometimes you talk like the devil…'
I pounced kinda nervous you know and exclaimed,
Well, I sure ain't you, so what you want me to do?
go back to Earth and witness the royal change of the rubble?
I'm trying to be saved on my own two feet,
tell me some news so's I can throw it in the street
- Jimi

Hendrix was obsessed with communicating the "news," a message about "change of the rubble" - movement of the rocks - around Earth.

"I think he was living a hallucination that he was Jesus and he was inside a passion play." - Eric Burdon

Think-tanks of the elite deem it crucial to conceal news of any asteroid that proves Hendrix correct. The 2004 impact event hit a remote part of the ocean where it was seen by a handful of people. The asteroid didn't pass over land. The fact that so few saw it allows government to cover it up.

Mogul media could conceal it, so they did.

Air Force pilots and satellite technicians who saw the Rock have undergone "debriefings" at Gitmo, after which they recall no fireball at all. The extent to which media is today mobilized to censor and suppress reports of the 2004 asteroid is the hallmark event of our time - an Orwellian nightmare of dominator propaganda disinformation deceiving us all. The implication is obvious: everything reported by mass media is suspect - the entire system of information is fixed and rigged in the interests of elitist dominators.


History is rife with examples of thousands of people who've witnessed conspiracy and remained silent. Consider Nazi guards stationed in concentration camps, or the villagers nearby who stayed quiet for years. To this day few Americans are aware that during World War II Japan made thousands of balloon bombs to float explosives over the western U.S. Media was ordered by government not to report stories about the balloons or the fires and explosions they caused. American pilots sent over the Pacific to shoot down the balloons were sworn to secrecy, it was called Project Sunset. More than sixty years later almost all of the people involved have stayed silent about it. Likewise the American press corps during the 1930s and 1940s were able to persuade almost all citizens that President Franklin Roosevelt could walk. For more than a dozen years the entire public was hypnotized to believe their paralyzed leader ran marathons. This simple fact alone is enough to suggest that "secret societies" are not just endemic, but epidemic to our species. Widespread censorship was perfected to this extent six decades ago. Since then, like other technologies, censorship techniques have dramatically advanced.

Every day thousands of corporate Information Technology staff people program and run computer systems designed to discriminate against employees in the workplace. Their software rigging allows abusive managers to frame workers with "failures" that are intentionally designed, yet NOT ONE of these I.T. programmers who're familiar with the rigged system blows the whistle. They all stay silent in conspiracy. Consider AT&T's "secret rooms" for domestic surveillance where all data flowing across the internet is scanned by National Security Agency computers and analyzed by staff paid to spy on American citizens. We only know of these massive conspiracies because of a handful of whistle blowers who've defected.

Look at the thousands of people who've participated in making crop circles and taken their secret to the grave. A staff of more than 22,000 manned the Manhattan Project for years - all stayed silent. Thousands more worked on decoding the Nazi Enigma machine at Bletchley Park in England - and all hid it. For 30 years no outsiders even knew Enigma existed! Or do a web search for "Project Greek Island" and read about the government's secret underground bunker villages in West Virginia. Or google "Hexagon Project" and learn about a government spy satellite network that stayed secret for 45 years. And search for info on The Dayton Ohio Codebreakers who worked on government projects and all stayed silent about it , even from their families, for 50 years. Or just click here to get familiar with the Stellar Wind program in Utah, designed to analyze the entire contents of the internet. The list goes on and on, not to mention x-number of secret societies unknown to anyone but their members (i.e. the Mafia).

But in the face of these organizations, Mogul Media trains us to scoff at the mere mention of "conspiracy" because moguls who control media are engaged in a plot against the people. It's in the interests of the "rich" to convince us to dismiss this charge, yet secret societies infest our institutions: Skull & Bones at Yale, Bohemian Grove in California, Illuminati in Germany, Freemasons in Washington, the Knight's Templar, Bilderberg, the Mafia, for decades the FBI officially denied that a Mafia existed. Moguls are able to hide in plain sight every time they train skeptics to sneer and jeer at those who expose conspiracies. Average people on on the street don't think in conspiratorial ways

Beth McLean: "Human nature, which is inclined toward belief rather than skepticism, and people's unwillingness to look at a Bernie Madoff and say, 'Maybe he's actually a fraud.' That takes a level of cynicism and skepticism that a lot of people simply don't have." - PBS TV NOW, Jan. 2009

And at the same time, those who control media are very aware of what FBI Director Edgar Hoover knew:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists."
- J. Edgar Hoover, Elks Magazine, Aug. 1956

Mass media is completely rigged. Their cover-up of the 2004 Christmas asteroid is an Orwellian climax of propaganda thought-control. Why are we seeing so many desperate flights into space in the midst of global recession? Moguls are secretly planning to flee the planet to their Space Station condos and watch us be blown away by objects from space. Astronauts are being trained as hi-tech hotel staff catering to private penthouses aboard this floating tin can.


NBC TV Jay Leno Tonight Show Jan. 26, 2009 - Neil de Grasse Tyson: "So Apophis is out there and Earth is in its sights, and in 2029, April 13th, which is a Friday, on that day it will make a close approach to Earth, it'll be like a buzz cut, and if it enters what we call the keyhole, which is like the danger range, the next time around it will hit Earth 500 kilometers west of Santa Monica...If it's coming, I don't want to be the one who says, 'Let's build a shelter!' What you need is scientists and engineers in your midst who, instead of saying let's build a shelter, they say 'Let's deflect it!' That's the kind of people you want to have around."

These comments are of interest because they refer to an unsaid subtext, which is that Tyson is aware of a debate raging among the elite. Spend the world's resources on safe havens for moguls, or spend our wealth on systems to deflect rocks in space. But that decision was made long ago. World leaders are stealing the people's money to pay for mogul motels in space and underground. That's why Tyson subtly discusses deflection, which he favors:

NBC TV Tonight Show, Neil Tyson: "It's possible, we have scenarios, unfunded, but they're on paper, about how to deflect these things from harm's way."

And that's all it is, "possible" - because it remains "UNFUNDED" - untested theoretical plans on paper. On the other hand, Mogul Motel is no unfunded, untested, abstract plan - it's sitting up in orbit and expanding under the ice caps in hidden cities for the "rich." This whole deception situation is sustained by The Big Lie…

December 27, 2004: The day after the tsunami happens, world media is given rigged statistics to report on the Apophis rock:

NASA cooks-the-books on the path of Apophis, and tells us the tsunami wasn't caused by a rock. They aim to erase the threat of rocks from our daily concerns, as they pay for fudged numbers that say we're safe, and race to build safe havens in space.

"They're pseudo scientists paid to say things for money." - Al Gore, ABC TV News

"There's no cause for public attention or public concern, an actual collision is very unlikely."' - NASA, Dec. 2004

So here we are in December 2004: NASA deceives the people about the threat from Apophis,

while at the same time the planets align, shepherding

dozens of rocks into space around Earth,

till one of them splashes the ocean…

and suddenly, out of the blue, the brightest flash of energy ever seen in our galaxy explodes through the solar system, with a blast a hundred times brighter than any ever detected in the Milky Way...