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TRY to explain to a cheefulized teenage giggle-queen that an asteroid will impact us in 23 years, and that it's happening because we accept and protect a lucky class with which we've agreed that luck deserves ease. TRY to convey this and she simply giggles, "I don't believe you, I disagree, end of story." She not only banishes the thought from her head, she joins the majority who'll take action to stop us from explaining it to curious others. But her breathing convulsions have no effect on the Rock coming at us.

The fact that a few years from now Rock Prophecy will be proved right is of no consequence, because even when we're correct, there'll be no one left to claim victory. And that means the fate of our world is of interest only to those who are curious and not obsessed with acceptance by the herd of sheeple, all racing for the good life at the expense of the rest, for how ever many years they can have it, at the expense of everyone less lucky than themselves. It's a prescription for extinction, it always was, philosophers like Jesus sensed it and tried to provide instructions to avoid this death, and he set the example of what happens when we bring bad news to the cheefulized lucky, with their lapdog militias unleashed. It happened to Jimi Hendrix, and it's happening today to Michael Fairchild.

But no one can agree with a perception that they don't know about. Our task is to present evidence and make the case whenever and wherever we can. It starts with meeting like-minded people. But there can be no way of identifying them when explanation of what's in your head is prevented from being expressed. We need to create safe haven, to erect an arena within which we transmit the most important vision that exists. We need to meet others who see equality between people, not as some well intentioned wish or unreachable dream, but who see equality as a requirement for avoiding extinction.


Jimi Hendrix is a human evolutionary mutation with a "sixth sense" - ability to remote view. Hendrix presents the first prediction of asteroid disaster, due to hit in 23 years. Earth, like all living planets, evolves species obsessed with flight/explosions/speed, things needed to affect Rocks. As an evolving species, humans mutate towards ability to sense the macro environment, to glimpse the paths of objects moving through space.

"Jimi explained to me that when he was experiencing astral travel he had seen the auras of the planets which he described...He explained that while a person is living on Earth his or her spirit could actually leave the body for a period of time...we can behold visions from the past, present and future...He said that this power is called clairvoyance."

-Monika Dannemann

ABC News Nightline aired the following report on network television:

"In 1974 a psychic working for the CIA drew sketches of the inside of a Soviet top-secret testing facility. The psychic had never been to the facility but he accurately described objects inside, descriptions that were confirmed by people who had been inside the facility. This incident convinced officials of the U.S. Government to begin a $20 million Top Secret program. For more than two decades, a psychic espionage program was directed by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Hundreds of psychics were hired to describe people, places and things that they had never seen before from hundreds and thousands of miles away. Government scientists refer to this phenomenon as 'Remote Viewing.' Elsewhere it's known as Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP.

"By 1996 psychic spying had been used in about 500 government cases. It was used to locate U.S. Brigadier General James Doizier who was kidnapped by Italian militants in 1982. For five years physicist Dale Graft directed the DIA's Remote Viewing program, code named Project Stargate. 'Early on, as a physicist," recalls Graft, 'I really wasn't sure if there was anything to this phenomenon. But if you go out in the field and you work with it over and over and you see some of these very interesting cases, it can't all be written off by chance.'

"Nuclear physicist Edwin May performed 1500 experiments for the government between 1975 and 1995 to test the scientific validity of Remote Viewing. 'My main role in this was the guy doing the research,' states May. 'While I'm interested in applications, intelligence applications, my main focus was to figure out how it works and what we can confirm in the laboratory, and to that extent we've had dramatic cases in the laboratory, both statistically important as well as visually compelling... About fifteen percent of our data, over fifteen hundred separate Remote Viewing trials, are of such a quality that you might think they were staged. But they were done in very tight protocols, the best that modern science, physics, physiology, and psychology could bring to bear on the issue. The remaining data is somewhat statistical so it's really hard to look at the data and say 'that's real,' but 15% of it is extremely compelling. It's like a native talent; those people who can do it, do it; those people who can't, can't.'

"Jessica Ucts, a University of California at Davis statistics professor, examined the evidence and reported, 'Remote Viewing has been demonstrated over the twenty years of work that's been sponsored by the government. What it proves to me is that we don't quite understand either the nature of the mind or perhaps the nature of time and space. But there is some mystery out there that we need to solve.'"

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Imagine trying to explain to a person 100 years ago how radios, TVs, websites, and cell phones work - you'd be considered a lunatic. We're at a similar state today regarding evolutionary mutation.

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